• LEGO BATMAN: An interactive comic book featuring the adventures of Lego Batman against his vilanous foes. Adobe Flash was used to animate the story.

  • LEGO STAR WARS: Worked closely with Lucas Films Ltd. to design a landing page promoting the new partnership featuring the Star Wars brand.

  • LEGO SHOP HOMEPAGE: Worked closely with Creative Director to assist in the redesign for Lego Shop.

  • PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY: Products photographed for the Lego Shop.

  • FIRST LEGO LEAGUE: Promotional poster for First Lego League (FLL), which is an event held annually to promote science and technology education through the use of the Lego product.
About the Projects

As the only web designer for LEGO Systems in America at the time it was my responsibility for conceptualizing how the LEGO Shop would look, feel and function. I assisted in the entire redesign of the LEGO Shop in 2006 and worked closely with marketing in terms of: e-mail advertisements, landing pages, web banners for third party web sites, homepage rotations, asset management, product photography, and management of seasonal interns.