Employment History

Interactive Brokers Group
Greenwich, CT / 2007.10 - Present

Senior Art Director, User Interface Designer, Web Developer and Project Manager

Reports directly to Creative Director and EVP of Marketing/Product Development. Created an entire HTML and CSS infrastructure for use on multiple website and web applications through careful thought and planning to help ensure easy creation and expansion of products into the future. Unified and re-branded all aspects of company with a more contemporary and sophisticated look and feel through the following projects:

  • Designed and programmed front end web development of over 300 pages of marketing website, including foreign language variations within the span of a year.
  • Ensured that the new website was utilizing the latest responsive frameworks to ensure proper display of content on desktop, tablet and other mobile devices.
  • Simplified overall menu structure and page content to be more precise and easier to navigate.
  • Worked closely with marketing and copy writers to ensure best search engine optimization techniques were used in order to score top ranking page results in Google.
  • An online web application that collects data from prospects and turns them into clients of company.
  • Designed and implemented front end web development of entire application.
  • Utilized responsive framework to allow prospects to easily complete forms from any internet connected device.
  • Enhanced workflow from start to finish of the application to grow account acquisition.
  • Worked closely with software engineers and QA team to ensure application was properly tested before and after launch.
  • Allows clients to transfer funds, analyze their portfolio and manage other aspects of their brokerage account.
  • Crafted a brand new and simplified user interface design from the ground up and implemented design through front end web development.
  • Brought the Account Management system into the modern age utilizing a responsive framework.
  • Coordinated meetings between EVP, software engineers, copy writers and myself to discuss best approach and timeline for various pieces of project.
  • Worked closely with software engineers to ensure designs were properly implemented and maintained throughout the building process.
  • A financial tool built to rival the likes of Quicken but for financial investors.
  • Designed and built the interface framework to allow PortfolioAnalyst to be used as a stand-alone web application or as a tool accessed through the Account Management system.
  • Utilized marketing team and copywriters to promote software through our own marketing efforts and social media distribution.
  • Worked closely with Creative Director on print advertising projects which include: newspaper, magazine, direct mail and business stationery content.
  • Assisted the Creative Director in delegating day to day content changes to four other team members including two designers.
  • Created web banner, email and social media advertisements to promote the company brand and products.
  • Illustrated, animated, and programmed interactive tutorials for prospects and clients to learn about trading strategies and company software.
  • Designed, programmed and distributed iOS apps and Mac OS widgets for the Apple iTunes store.

Hartford Art School
West Hartford, CT / 2011.01 - Present

Adjunct Professor

Enriching students' lives through web development, education and training is my top priority at the Hartford Art School. The course I teach focuses on web and mobile technology and educates students on the proper construction and deployment of multimedia rich content, HTML-based websites and emails.

LEGO Systems Inc.
Enfield, CT / 2006.06 - 2007.10

Associate Designer

As the only web designer for LEGO Systems in America at the time it was my responsibility for conceptualizing how the LEGO Shop would look, feel and function. I assisted in the entire redesign of the LEGO Shop in 2006 and worked closely with marketing in terms of: e-mail advertisements, landing pages, web banners for third party web sites, homepage rotations, asset management, product photography, and management of seasonal interns.

Apple Inc.
Farmington, CT / 2003.10 - 2008.01

Mac Specialist / Presenter

As a Mac Specialist I was at the core of the customers' experience at the Apple Store. Mac Specialists continue to fuel Apple's retail success – and have pioneered the retail evolution, establishing the Apple brand as a place for extraordinary service.


Hartford Art School
West Hartford, CT / 2002 - 2006

Graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Visual Communications Design with a Minor in Art History.

Honors and Awards

2006 - Urban Forest Project
Times Square, New York, NY
1 of 185 designers worldwide selected

2006 - CADC Annual Design Awards
Silver Award Recipient in Student Category

2006 - William Wondriska VCD Technology Award

2006 - Honors Society Undergrad Research and Creativity Colloquium Award Recipient


American Institute of Graphic Arts

Connecticut Art Directors Club

Design Skills

Well versed in areas dealing with web and print media including: logotypes, symbols, typography, stationery systems, corporate business identities, advertisements, packaging, banners, interactive content, graphic user interface (GUI) systems, fully functional websites both HTML and Flash based.

Technical Skills

Familiar with both Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Flash and Dreamweaver. Proficient knowledge of HTML and CSS for desktop and mobile development. Familiarity with JavaScript and ActionScript. Microsoft Office Suite.